Friday, December 15, 2017

Flycloser Semester 1 Reflection

       During this semester I have been emailing my coach in order to help connect the organization better. Recently we have been sending emails regarding the collection of jersey's and compiling the records for boys soccer. The communication between coach and me has allowed us to collect most of the jersey's. We are still finding and compiling most of the schools records, but we hope to have it done soon. By comping the jersey's we are helping to better the players. When a player has a goal, or record in this case, they will try much harder to be the one that holds the record. I also have been sending      E-cards to players telling them about their great work in and out of school, and telling them to keep up the great work. Hopefully these cards are inspiring them to do their best in both school and the sport.

Image result for 3 vs 3 soccer
       Currently I am trying to create a new tradition for the soccer program. We have a blueprint for the idea of a soccer tournament for both older and younger kids. By enacting this new tradition, we can create new bonds with the community. Connecting us with younger kids, which hopefully will lead to new recruitment opportunities. Also this could as a fundraising opportunity. If we charge a small entry fee for each team then we could make a recruitment and fundraising opportunity that will ultimately help the team and the community.

       The idea of the soccer tounament has been the idea I am most proud of, but I have created many things that have benefited the organization. There are some things that I need to work on for semester 2 to make my organization even better. The blog we currently have is lacking key components that many other blogs contain. Such as a legacy core and a mission statement. I have been working towards a draft of both but would like to finish them by semester 2. The blog also lacked organization. I have been working towards a more aesthestically pleasing blog, that also function s well and helps to connect the community and the team. I have done some to help the team, but hopefully I can do more next semester.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Flycloser Friday Reflection 12/1


        This week I committed to creating a more cohesive and organized blog. I have mainly focused on one portion that we are currently lacking, the Legacy Core. I have committed to help create and organize ideas around a legacy core. I am attempting to create a new tradition with the legacy core. I have been using blogs from organizations such as football to help me create an all around better blog. Hopefully with advice from coaches and other student organization leaders, I will be able to accomplish this. I also need to connect the blog and the community. As of now very few soccer members even know that there is a blog dedicated to soccer. It is my responsibility to help incorporate the community into my student organization. 

Monday, November 20, 2017

Flycloser Friday Reflection 11/17

         My goals for my student organization include working on the legacy core portion, and get into communication with St. Vincent De Paul about being our possible community partner. In addition to these two projects, I have been working on a side one that will help better the boys basketball student organization. I plan on working on the screen cast for home games. So far I have not completed our legacy core. I am in the process of creating ideas from some of the better student organization legacy cores, such as football. As I get input from leaders and my own student organization leaders I will hopefully complete my idea for a legacy core soon.

       For our possible community partner, St. Vincent De Paul, we have not been able to get a 100% commitment from them. I have called and the response has been postponed. I will call back in a few more days in an attempt to get an answer to whether or not we can become community partners. If I can draw more soccer players during the off season that can commit to helping in the occasional project, St. Vincent De Paul may be more willing to accept my student organization. 

       On the side project, I plan on working with Mr. Whitehouse on the Purple Cow Screen cast for upcoming boys basketball games. I have some experience with using the system already, but I would like to gain a little more before the next game that will use it. I will likely be in close contact with him soon about the project and when I can set aside time to work on it.